A charitable act: do the restrictions on the sale of charity land imposed by the Charities Act 2011 bind an administrator of a charitable corporation?

CRI_2016_V09_Iss1_Feb_cover_lowIn this article, James Williams an associate and Paul Dutton a partner at Eversheds look at whether the restrictions on the sale of charity land imposed by the Charities Act 2011 bind an administrator of a charitable corporation?

The key points arising from the article are as:

  • ––Land belonging to a charity is subject to certain restrictions on dispositions imposed by the Charities Act 2011 (and preceding legislation).
  • ––Those restrictions place obligations on the charity’s trustees which need to be complied with prior to any sale and require that certain statements are included within the transfer document.
  • ––On administration a charitable corporation’s functions are no longer carried on by its directors (trustees) and the administrator acts for the charitable corporation.
  • ––This article considers whether administrators need to comply with the restrictions imposed by the Charities Act 2011 or whether they can rely on the general powers

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