Market Tracker weekly highlights—7 July 2022

Market Tracker weekly highlights—7 July 2022

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1 July 2022

  • GB Group plc will hold its AGM on 28 July 2022


    6 July 2022

    • Cambium Global Timberland Limited announced its delisting


    7 July 2022

    • Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Ltd announced its intention to float

    Joint ventures

    6 July 2022

    • Red Rock Resources plc and New Ballarat Gold Corporation plc announced a joint venture

    LR/AIM Rules transactions

    6 July 2022

    • Frenkel Topping Group plc announced a Related Party transaction

    Returns of value to shareholders

    7 July 2022

    • Boku Inc plc announced a share buyback

    6 July 2022

    • arbdn plc announced a share buyback

    30 June 2022

    • Man Group plc

    Secondary offers

    6 July 2022

    • AO World plc announced a placing

    5 July 2022

    • Frenkel Topping Group plc announced a placing


          1 July 2022

          • Sami Al Angari and Al Gihaz Holding Company announced a possible offer for Lamprell plc

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