Skills Workout: How in-house legal teams can articulate their value

Skills Workout: How in-house legal teams can articulate their value

This month we look at how in-house legal functions can demonstrate the value they add 

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What in-house legal teams do that helps articulate their value
Tactically Operationally Strategically
Tactical value is the value that is easiest to count, but the least satisfying as an indicator of true value. It is however simplistic and easy to grasp and therefore of some importance, certainly defensively. Ironically, although not very helpful to judge quality or intrinsic value the following are indicators the business will often request of lawyers – faster, quicker, and cheaper! And so a team often gets stuck here and fails to develop more thoughtful indicators of value. Operational value is the value that is derived from applying insight to operational policy and process and, in doing so, adding value through a closeness of alignment, understanding and access. Good teams move here quickly as they can make their work easier in addition to driving a more efficient model for the business. In essence, tactical value fails when increasing demand creates a bottleneck. Operational value is about alleviating the bottleneck Strategic value is the hardest but most rewarding value to create and articulate. In this construct in-house teams contribute as leaders and business partners. They invent, drive innovation and help the business to work successfully, compliantly and enhancing reputation. If operational value is about alleviating bottlenecks, strategic value is about redesigning the bottle

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