Vodafone and LexisPSL: Finding quick answers to multinational questions

Vodafone and LexisPSL:  Finding quick answers to multinational questions

vodafone-logo-8344E399FE-seeklogo.com_Vodafone has always been on the cutting edge of technology.

Back in 1985 they made the first mobile phone call in the UK, from their HQ in Newbury.

Thirty-two years on, they’ve grown to become a global giant of the technology world, with around 444 million customers in more than 26 countries (or over 55, including partner networks).


LexisNexis thinks globally and thinks broadly, which fits as we are a large, multi-national team with more than just lawyers. We have different professionals using your content and it needs to be relevant across the team. Kerry Phillip, Legal Director, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Switching suppliers

Vodafone’s legal team were using a number of different tools for their legal research, from more than one provider. However, shortly after Michael Griss, in-house lawyer, Vodafone Global Enterprise joined the team, they decided to choose just one: LexisNexis. As Michael explains, he and many of his colleagues were initially reluctant to switch.

“Lawyers don’t like change,” he quips. “I’d used LexisLibrary at university, but I’d never heard of LexisPSL before. Many of us were used to using a different product. Some people were hooked on it. Then suddenly, we were told your login has been shut down, and we’re all switching to LexisPSL.”

But as he goes on to explain, those initial misgivings ultimately proved to be shortlived. “We had a couple of on-site training sessions. The people from LexisNexis came in and showed us not just how to use all of the tools, but use them a lot more efficiently. Everyone seems really happy with it now.”

Quick answers

Michael finds LexisPSL’s practice notes especially useful. “One of the biggest issues of working in-house is that you just don’t have enough time to conduct full research like you would in private practice, to really delve in to the law” he explains.

...the things I find most helpful are the concise practice notes, which summarise a topic on pretty much one page. It’s useful to go onto the system and find an answer to a legal question without having to read through reams of text. Michael Griss, In-house lawyer, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Michael has also been impressed by the quality of the webinars, which are an easy way to keep up with the latest developments and key issues affecting his clients.

“The experts who sit on the panels and lead the sessions are really knowledgeable,” he adds.

Cross country

Working in a multinational company that serves multinational clients, Michael and his teammates often need to know how the laws and regulations vary from one jurisdiction to another. That’s when LexisPSL’s International guides are invaluable.

“You can select a number of different jurisdictions, and it’ll tell you how questions would be answered differently in each jurisdiction.”

Michael also uses LexisPSL’s precedents frequently. “We have vast arrays of Vodafone precedents, but I find it quite useful to cross-check them against the ones on PSL – especially the drafting notes, which tell you things like ‘the supplier will typically argue for x’ or ‘the customer will typically want this because of y’.”

For someone who started off as a sceptic, Michael is now most certainly a convert.

I use it frequently and I recommend it to my colleagues all the time. When they ask me questions, I say there’s definitely a quick answer to that on PSL. Michael Griss, In-house lawyer, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Delivering value above and beyond

LexisNexis is committed to deliver value above and beyond to our customers, as summed up by Kerry Phillip, Legal Director at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

LexisNexis offer a really good mix of content from legal to business skills, different forums to attend, events, webinars - lots of different way that deliver true value across our team, including help finding a mentor. Kerry Phillip, Legal Director, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Helping in-house legal teams provide fast, reliable advice to help shape business success

We've developed an unrivalled portfolio – specifically tailored to in-house counsel – providing practical guidance, legal resources, news and analysis, productivity tools and exclusive networking forums – all you need to succeed as both a skilled lawyer and business person.

Take a fresh look at LexisPSL today

  • Find practical answers fast - succinct practice notes, precedents, template policies and clauses with direct links to the most comprehensive analysis of English law
  • Manage risk effectively - dedicated risk and compliance module tailored for in-house lawyers including email alerts, horizon scanning and easy-to-use precedents
  • Shape business success - demonstrate commercial acumen, accelerate your professional development and effectively manage your legal department
  • Stay ahead of the game - news analysis written by in-house experts, focused on business implications and next steps to take plus analysis of pertinent trends impacting in-house counsel
  • Deliver quality contracts quicker - speed up the time it takes you to check contracts and agreements, without risking quality with Lexis Draft
  • Save time with document automation - draft documents in minutes instead of days, confident they’re accurate and up to date with Lexis Bespoke.

LexisNexis In-house gives you everything you need – practical advice, precedents, commentaries, the whole lot – spread on one page, and you can just drill down to what documents you want. It just speeds up the whole process. Lola Moses, General Counsel & Company Secretary at VisitBritain

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Prior to her in-house focused role, Louisa led the marketing for the bar and mid-market private practice sectors as well as product marketing lead for LexisPSL - LexisNexis' cloud based, practical guidance and legal research software solution.

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