Upcoming webinars: 7 hot topics for July

Upcoming webinars: 7 hot topics for July

From developments in commercial contracts to Data Protection and the GDPR and the challenges of getting ready for implementation - our comprehensive range of webinars for July are designed to help support you stay ahead of the latest regulatory developments and the practical implications to consider for your organisation.

The latest on the Capital Markets Union (2018) - 11 July 12:30pm

The Capital Markets Union seeks to unify Europe's capital markets, and will doubtless be of relevance to practitioners in the UK, whatever way Brexit pans out. This webinar will provide you with all the latest happenings, and how Capital Markets Union initiatives are likely to pan out.

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The latest in competition law (2018) - 12 July, 12:30pm

There are still no signs that Brexit might dampen the importance of EU competition law, and with that in mind, our specialist speakers will discuss all the key developments in the past 12 months, both domestic and EU.

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The latest on the Takeover Code (2018) - 23 July, 12:30pm

The Takeover Code, also known as the City Code or Blue book, is at the core of many M&A practices, and in this webinar our corporate law specialists will discuss its present state.

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Developments in commercial contracts - 24 July, 12:30pm

Effective and properly drawn-up commercial contracts are paramount to the success of any business. This webinar will look at a number of different elements of commercial contracts, providing practical guidance on what to look out for when creating contracts for your organisation, as well as how to deal with any issues that might arise. Topics to be covered include:

  • Compliant contracts
  • Pre-contractual documents and other agreements
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract disputes
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The latest developments in company law (2018) - 25th July, 12:30pm

While you might share the sentiment that company law pervades every aspect of the commercial world, we very much see the value in providing a broad-brush update on the latest developments in company law, in addition to the more specific webinars we run. In this webinar, our company law experts will provide you with exactly that.

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The Fifth Money Laundering Directive (2018) - 27th July, 12:30pm

At the time of writing, negotiations over the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) appear to be reaching their final stages. This webinar will bring you right up to date on where we stand with the 5MLD, and what it is likely to mean for your practice.

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Data protection and the GDPR: getting ready for implementation - 30 July 12:30 

With the coming into force of the hotly-anticipated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, this webinar will look at a range of important topics related to the Regulation to ensure you are ready to effectively advise your clients. Topics to be covered include:

  • Current data protection rules and GDPR comparison
  • Practical tips for preparing for the GDPR
  • Key issues to consider in implementation
  • Managing risks and security operations
  • Dealing with data breaches
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Why attend a LexisNexis webinar?

  • Cost-effective– no membership fees, great discounts for group bookings
  • Authoritative– the latest developments, delivered by leading practitioners and experts
  • Comprehensive – download case reports sourced from LexisLibrary and speaker slides

What’s more all webinars are:

  • Available to view on demand, anytime you like, for up to 12 months after the broadcast date
  • Accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet, computer or mobile
  • Include a downloadable audio podcast for learning on the go
  • Compatible with the SRA’s new continuing competence scheme

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