Top 3 challenges facing General Counsel today

In this short video senior in-house lawyers at the 2014 Legal Week Corporate Counsel Forum discuss the greatest challenges GCs face today, how the role of the legal department is changing, and the most important contribution in-house lawyers can make to an organisation.

Hear opinions on:

  • Elevating the role of GC to become a real trusted commercial advisor in addition to being a legal advisor
  • Why General Counsel need to be more flexible, adaptive and employ a different management style as a result of the impact of the digital age in creating an environment which is variable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous
  • Business partnering and being pragmatic, creative and helping the business achieve its goals. Yet being clear when there is no such way and holding your position
  • How to manage legal issues in an increasingly regulated environment while trying to maintain control of costs
  • Challenging the traditional approach of “that’s for the legal department to worry about” as business leaders need an increasing awareness of the legal environment and matters that can affect them personally
  • and more…

Lawyers featured in the video include:

- Craig Stoehr, Group General Counsel, Thomas Cook

- Simon Dowson-Collins, General Counsel, HarperCollins

- Michael Rasmuson, Vice President, International Legal Operations, Baker Hughes

- Natalie Jobling, General Counsel, Corporate, Network Rail

- Hans von der Linde, General Counsel, Downstream, Shell

- Gordon Finlayson, General Counsel, HBO Europe

- Liz Walker, General Counsel, BT Global Services

- Ian McDougall, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, LexisNexis Legal & Professional


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