TMT Sector Update – Q4 2019

TMT Sector Update – Q4 2019 As part of our sector-focused series, we have curated the key resources and points you need to know from the last quarter’s Telecoms, Media & Technology (TMT) legal updates. Understand the key news stories, training materials, practice notes, trackers and upcoming webinars specific to the TMT sector. 


5 key news stories


1.  Automatic signatures = a ‘signed’ contract

An automatically-generated signature in an email footer can constitute a ‘signed’ contract for the purposes of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989. The law is adopting a more consistent position on the electronic execution of documents, but questions remained unanswered.


See News Analysis (practical implications, background and the court’s decision): A sign of the times—automatic signatures and formality requirements (Neocleous v Rees).


2.  Pre-ticked boxes cannot provide consent to cookies

The Court of Justice has confirmed that pre-ticked boxes cannot be used to obtain consent to the placement of cookies as required by the ePrivacy Directive. The court also confirmed that users must be informed about the duration of the cookies and whether third parties will be given access to those cookies.

See News Analysis (practical implications, background and the court’s decision): Judgment confirms cookie consent cannot be based on pre-ticked boxes and information to be given (Bundesverband der Verbraucherzentralen und Verbraucherverbände Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband eV v Planet49 GmbH)


3.  Drones under scrutiny

The Defence Committee has launched an inquiry into the level of threat caused by the use of drone technology in the UK, and the response required by the government to counteract it. 

See News: Domestic threat posed by malicious use of drones under scrutiny


4.  Agreement announced to improve 5G preparation in London

In efforts to assist commercial landlords and public property owners to address ‘not spots’ - areas of London with poor 4G coverage -­ and to equip the city for 5G, Sadiq Khan aims to grant mobile providers access to install kits on rooftops and other sites in the city.

See News: Standard agreement announced to improve digital connectivity in London and prepare for 5G


5. Injunction granted against ISPs following third party infringements

The High Court has held that Nintendo Co Ltd should be granted an injunction against the five main retail internet service providers in the UK to block access by their customers to four websites (websites) that were offering for sale devices that infringed its copyright and EU trade mark registrations (EUTMs).

See News Analysis (practical implications, background and the court’s decision): Injunction against ISPs following third party infringements (Nintendo Co Ltd v Sky UK Ltd and Others)




Brexit focus - Commercial and practical help


To help you cut through the noise, here are a couple of documents giving you the need-to-know information:


1.  Continental Shift: No-deal Brexit and the law

We have published a report on the repercussions of a no-deal Brexit, drawing from interviews with legal professionals:

Continental Shift: No-deal Brexit & the law


2. Brexit toolkit

Our Brexit toolkit draws together Brexit content for the practice areas that are relevant for you.

Brexit toolkit - TMT

Brexit legislation tracker



Keeping up to date


Key dates you need to know, publications and announcements relating to legal issues in TMT.

Click to view individual timelines in the following topic areas:


Artificial intelligence—timeline


Autonomous vehicles—timeline

ePrivacy Regulation—timeline



Training new starters? 


Below we have curated our training materials and PowerPoint templates to give you a starting point for training employees, and the typical questions that arise in certain technology areas.



TMT—new starter guide

Rights in databases—training materials—practical scenario

Autonomous vehicles—training materials

Offshore IT outsourcing—training materials

Technology transfer agreements and competition law—training materials

Domain name disputes—training materials

Online brand protection—training materials

Social media—training materials

Defamation—training materials

Rights in databases—training materials






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