The role of technology in legal teams—an interview with Rob Booth

Sophie Gould sat down with Rob Booth, General Counsel of the Crown Estate, to discuss the role of technology in the legal industry, and in particular in-house legal teams. The interview came off the back of the recent LexisNexis report,  Legal Technology: Looking Past the Hype.

Rob stressed the importance and value of capturing data and ensuring that it is properly fed back into his team's systems. It is only when you have a consistent feedback loop of data that you can reach the insights necessary to introduce a step change into process. Interestingly, our report echoes this sentiment with 72% of respondents expecting tech to enable new data insights in the future.

An interesting point of difference between our research report and Rob's view is that expectation of in-house lawyers relating to costs and technology. 75% of respondents expect lower fees from law firms as a result of using technology. Rob's perspective was that he wouldn't necessary punish law firms with lower margins as technology can provide a myriad of benefits beyond cost savings - for example better accuracy and speed of delivery.

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