The LexisNexis Covid-19 webinars are now available on demand

The LexisNexis Covid-19 webinars are now available on demand

The LexisNexis Covid-19 webinars are now available on demand.

The webinar series looked at the legal issues thrown up by the pandemic, the legislation introduced to combat it and the skills that lawyers, and law firms need to develop to adapt to a landscape that has dramatically altered.

See the full list of the LexisNexis Covid-19 Webinars on demand below - Available now


COVID-19 and international VAT in 2020

COVID-19| VAT and Indirect Tax

There have been a number of changes made to VAT systems across the EU in light of COVID-19, but the approaches of the different member ... (read more here) Available now


COVID-19 and the energy sector (2020)

COVID-19| Webinar Briefs| Construction

This webinar explores the impact of COVID-19 on the energy sectors in the key European markets of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Topics ... (read more here) Available now


(Brief) Force majeure – emergence from lockdown (2020)

COVID-19| Webinar Briefs| Commercial Law

Our commercial law experts return to talk about contractual issues for companies as we emerge from lockdown. In particular, they examine whether the performance of ... (read more here) Available now


(Brief) Insurance coverage issues following COVID-19 (2020)

COVID-19| Insurance| Webinar Briefs

Our specialist speakers from Fountain Court Chambers discuss the enormous disruption Coronavirus has caused to businesses and the insurance market, and explore the implications for ... (read more here) Available now


Restructuring during COVID-19 (2020)

COVID-19| Banking and Financial Services

In this Banking and Finance webinar, our expert speakers from Loyens & Loeff, discuss the insights and roles of banks & borrowers in their legal ... (read more here) Available now


Business Development post COVID-19

COVID-19| Personal Skills

In this webinar, Bob Spence discusses business development after the Coronavirus pandemic. He discusses: the effect that COVID-19 will have on rainmakers whether your business will be ... (read more here)  Available now


(Brief) Force majeure and COVID-19 (2020)

COVID-19| Webinar Briefs| Commercial Law

Among businesses, one of the key issues to arise from COVID-19 and the accompanying lockdown is the fulfillment of their contractual obligations. In this webinar, ... (read more here) Available now


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