The Future of the Union

Our human connections—our friendships, relationships, business partnerships—they are underpinned because we are all in the same United Kingdom, and that is number one reason why we are stronger together: David Cameron

The Scottish Government doesn't want to lament decisions being taken at Westminster. We want to use the powers of independence to transform our country, rather than mitigate other people's mistakes. We want to get on with building a better Scotland; becoming a fairer and more prosperous country: Alex Salmond



The Scottish independence debate has finally caught the imagination of those south of the border. Polls are indicating that the 'no' and 'yes' camps are neck and neck.

The markets have been spooked with billions of pounds having been wiped off stocks today and yesterday.

But you already know that don't you?

For the next few days the debate will take place at breakneck speed (certainly quicker than I can type). Passions will be roused and, I dare say, some people (in both camps) might even be jolly rude to one another.

To be expected, I suppose.

In any event, lawyers will need to know, understand and advise on the repercussions of Scotland leaving the Union.

To this end, check out this 32-page guide from Lexis®PSL on what you need to know: The future of the Union: Lexis®PSL Analysis. In it, we set out interviews with lawyers from a range of practice areas and sectors. The interviews highlight a range of views, both positive and negative, which will have a direct impact on the work of professionals on both sides of the border.


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