The 9 best legal news sites for in-house legal counsel

The 9 best legal news sites for in-house legal counsel

The business world is slowly but surely catching on to the fact that involving legal counsel in strategic decisions, partnerships or high-profile initiatives adds a great deal more value than simply ticking a box. But this increased exposure means the number of balls in-house lawyers are expected to juggle is growing by the day. 

General counsel looking to navigate their way across numerous areas of the law and stay up-to-date with an ever-going stream of legislative changes need access to fast and straight-forward legal news and compliance sites.

Here are some of the leading sites for legal news, compliance and lawtech developments are:

The Lawyer

While The Lawyer is an obvious choice for those working in private practice, the site also offers some invaluable insights for in-house legal counsel, such as its In-House Briefings on the latest regulatory, legal and commercial developments. It’s also a useful source for the latest market intelligence and provides a helpful list of notable ‘movers and shakers’.

LexisNexis Practical Guidance

LexisNexis gives in-house lawyers access to the largest collection of practical guidance on the market, covering everything from corporate and commercial developments, to employment and information law. You can also receive carefully curated weekly highlights of up-to-the-minute legal and compliance legal news UK alerts – all specific for legal counsel.

LexisNexis Legal Research

Similar to the above, LexisNexis’s Legal Research tool allows legal counsel to seamlessly crawl through case law reports, legislation and regulation to find information quickly. A key feature is the email alert highlighting legislative changes and judicial decisions as they happen.

The Law Society

This offers a rich resource for legal news, practice and information sharing, for members of the Society’s dedicated In-house Division. The Society partners with Lexology which offers that all-important tool - a daily legal news feed for the busy general counsel.


Hot off the press with the latest legal news on all developments regulatory and legal, the Law360 site (also from LexisNexis) is beneficial for general counsel who are particularly keeping an eye on commercial litigation updates, financial services, regulation and corporate crime.

Legal IT Insider

For the very latest on cutting edge legal technology and lawtech with a UK focus, it is hard to beat the award-winning Legal IT Insider. Daily news coverage extends to tech-related court rulings, along with regulatory and governance developments – and more.

In-house Lawyer

For in-depth legal news and market reports on topics ranging from the major cyber risk challenges for general counsel to developments in employers’ liability for personal injury, you would do well to visit the website of In-House Lawyer magazine. 

Financial Times

For authoritative corporate news, the FT’s business articles are a trusted daily resource for busy legal counsel. These influential articles dig deep into the legal, economic and tech issues facing business operations today, providing vital market awareness and adding significant value to in-house legal teams.

Information Commissioner’s Office

The ICO website is crucial for all lawyers who are keenly aware of the nuances of the GDPR and privacy rules. It’s populated with all the tools you need to ensure your policies and procedures are compliant and, of course, the latest news and updates from the ICO.  

A proactive approach to keeping up-to-speed with legal news and compliance developments is your wisest move - the smooth-running of your business depends on it. And it’s not too late to get into better habits.

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