Looking to train in-house or take on trainees in-house? Get step-by-step advice with our Best Practice Framework for In-house Training Contracts



There are now more and more aspiring lawyers seeking the opportunity to train in-house. It comes as no surprise as in-house offers a challenging, commercial environment that one can cut their teeth on to get great experience as a foundation to build a successful career.

To support both junior in-house lawyers and legal departments looking at this option, together with the Aspire Best Practice Working Group we created the ‘Best Practice Framework for In-House Training Contracts’.

The framework has been developed by those who have trained in-house and know from personal experience that training contracts are a credible alternative route into the legal profession.

In line with our goal to offer you up-to-date, valuable and useful content, we have recently updated the framework, available for you to download here

Driven by a vision to share knowledge and experiences of working and training in-house, the framework looks to encourage more in-house legal teams to take on trainees. In today’s competitive market, it’s in-house legal departments that will help to improve access by opening new training opportunities.

 Practical tips and easy-to-use

The framework is a tool for general counsels, training principals, supervisors and trainees, and distils some of the confusion around what is required of an in-house training contract provider, by pinpointing the necessary materials available to assist with establishing and providing an in-house training programme.

It aims to guide the user through each step of the training contract process and offer advice, through the experiences of the Aspire Best Practice Working Group, on what makes a great in-house training programme.

We hope the guide proves to be a useful tool and welcome any feedback about how it could be improved. Please email us at Inhouse@lexisnexis.co.uk  

Make the most of our latest version of Best Practice Framework for In-House Training Contracts.

Junior in-house lawyer? Join a community of like-minded peers

 Here at Lexis Nexis we are committed to supporting in-house lawyers from the outset of their career to succeed. As such we facilitate Aspire - a free networking and development forum for lawyers starting out their career in-house.

Led by an Advisory Board of your peers, we run regular events to provide a platform for you to share experiences, ideas and sharpen your legal and commercial skills.

Join us at the next event taking place on 2nd October.


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