LIKE Forum: capturing know-how and demonstrating value


BusinessLD KM blog post June 2016 image 1 demand for more efficiency means in-house legal teams must focus on work processes and on how the team is perceived by the rest of the business. Legal skills are just part of successfully delivering an efficient level of service.

On July 6th 2016, the LexisNexis Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Excellence (LIKE) Forum is meeting to discuss two key areas for senior in-house lawyers:

  • Capturing know-how: Find out how other sectors sell the benefits of KM to the business. What are the best approaches to capturing know-how?
  • Demonstrating your value to the business: A vital part of managing a legal team, demonstrating value is central to countering any perceptions of legal as just a cost centre.

The session is led by experts Helen Barker, Counsel for Knowledge Management at Diageo, Dom Pickersgill, General Counsel at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and Nick Milton, Knowledge Management Consultant at Knoco Ltd.

Get involved

The LexisNexis LIKE Forum will be held in London on July 6th 2016 at 2pm. If you are a senior in-house lawyer interested in getting involved with the Forum, please contact for more information.


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