LexisNexis In-house: An interview with Ben White, Founder of Crafty Counsel

Ben White, Founder of Crafty Counsel – said to be the legal industry’s secret weapon for learning and development – sat down with Sophie Gould, Head of In-house at LexisNexis to discuss the top trends facing in-house teams, the technology and tools that can help them, and how to progress in-house when the prevailing opinion is that you have to step out of your organisation because you can’t step up.

Ben launched Crafty Counsel to address many of the pain points he himself experienced when he made the transition from a law firm to an in-house corporate counsel role; a transition which many others have struggled with, whether due to a lack of resources or understanding. Crafty Counsel is a new online platform for video, training, and development for in-house lawyers, which aims to provide technical updates alongside interviews with legal professionals on career development, comfortably slotting in amongst the existing vital tools and databases, like LexisNexis, that aim to support and guide the in-house lawyer.

According to Ben, there’s never been a more interesting or exciting time to be an in-house lawyer., Thanks to developments in the industry and the legal technology sector more broadly, as well as cultural shifts in the legal profession and the business sector. More talent is moving in-house and more companies are prioritising their in-house teams, resulting in a wealth of opportunities in the sector. The only hindrance? The lack of support with regards to training leading to a reactive, rather than proactive approach.

The full interview is available above, and excerpts are also available:

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