Legal News – March 2014

Consumer credit: ‘I Accept’ …signing on the virtual dotted line

The High Court has ruled that electronic signatures are valid under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 in Bassano v Toft and others [2014] All ER (D) 36 (Mar) [2014] EWHC 377 (QB). The judge said that there was nothing in CCA 1974 to suggest that regulated agreements should not be capable of electronic signatures and he could see no reasons of policy why a signature should not be capable of being affixed and communicated electronically to an agreement regulated by CCA 1974.

Given the prevalence of payday loans and the ubiquity of the Internet in the consumer credit environment, it is probably a relief for lenders that the court held that clicking 'I Accept' was a sufficient signature to meet the requirements of CCA 1974. Indeed it is probably also a relief for borrowers who wish to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and to carry out their business online.

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How to be Tweet wise—social media at work

According to West Midlands Police’s social media policy, any officer setting up an online account must give their password to the corporate communications department, and an inspector’s Twitter account was suspended on 14 February 2014. Emmajane Taylor-Moran, partner and head of employment law, and employment solicitor Jane Johnson, both of Gelbergs Solicitors, look at some of the issues around social media in the workplace.

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Do you want to minimise legal risks including defamation, breaches of confidentiality and data protection laws and industry codes regulating online advertising that social media activity can give rise to? See our guide: Risk management: social media (a subscription to Lexis®PSL is required)

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