Leaving law to be a better lawyer? Part 2

“How do you lead a group of people who have vastly more experience than you in what they are doing?  And by more, I mean any…”

Losing inherent advantages

What does it mean for you as a leader when your new role lacks a mot juste description, and with it the innate credibility, that previously saying “I’m a lawyer” did?

Likewise, for the people that you manage (given the traditional hierarchical approach that the law tends to take), when you can no longer at least leverage the grey hairs and dark circles under your eyes which are a testament to your more experienced years?

Leadership. This is the first critical test faced by James Harper, ex-GC and Board Member of a FTSE100 organisation during his secondment managing a team within the Go-to-Market function.

The fear of the fall

In this, the next post in a series sharing the experiences he faces in his new role, James explores the steps he is taking to make an impact and transform himself into a leader that can survive in the foreign land he finds himself.

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