Leaving law to be a better lawyer?

Leaving law to be a better lawyer?

“I’m not sure if I want to be a lawyer anymore.”

This is a thought that has probably run through almost every lawyer’s head at some point or another, more often than not at a silly hour in the morning when faced with another document to review or mark-up to prepare.

But for James Harper, a GC, sitting on the board within a company, this wasn’t just late-night frustration spilling over. It was the culmination of concerted introspection on his career journey and where he wanted to go next.

And then an opportunity presented itself making him face the question head on.

To leap. Or not.

The choice was not simple. Take the more traditional and well-trodden career path and explore bigger and better* legal roles within the company group.

Or step away from the law and take on a new role elsewhere in the business.

It could mean starting down a road away from the law, almost unimaginable as he had dreamed of being a lawyer since childhood. It could also mean returning to the law with a broader set of skills, providing more career options for the future.

First step on the journey

Over the course of a series of articles, James is going to write about his experiences in the big bad world of “other stuff”, the challenges he is facing (and they are numerous!), and whether they will ultimately drive him away from the law or make him a better lawyer. To read the first of these and journey with him, click here.

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Louisa leads marketing for the in-house legal community at LexisNexis. She joined the dedicated in-house team at LexisNexis four years ago and has a passion for driving and facilitating initiatives which are customer-focused at their heart. Her vision is to support in-house counsel succeed in their fast-evolving role based on deep insight, data analysis and best practice gathered across the in-house community.

Prior to her in-house focused role, Louisa led the marketing for the bar and mid-market private practice sectors as well as product marketing lead for LexisPSL - LexisNexis' cloud based, practical guidance and legal research software solution.

She brings 20 years' marketing experience both client and agency side, specialising in B2B marketing in the Legal, TMT (Telco, Media and Technology) and Financial Services industries. In both South Africa, Europe and the UK.

Louisa is also an active member on the LexisNexis Gender Equality Matters (GEM) steering committee and is involved with the Families at LexisNexis Group which brings together, supports and lobbies for change those with an interest in balancing the challenges of work and family.