L&D and KM Forum: What is process management and mapping?

In-house lawyers cannot afford to operate within a legal bubble

They must focus on what determines success in terms of overall business needs. Part of this is examining the efficiency of work processes. What can lawyers do to actively improve processes and therefore deliver best value to the business?


A balance of quality, speed and cost

This month, the LexisNexis Learning & Development and Knowledge Management Forum are meeting to discuss the benefits that process management and mapping can bring to the legal team and the business as a whole. Analysing how processes are performed can be transformative and ignoring the potential is a high risk strategy.

Mapping involves an in-depth examination of a process and allows you to see where changes can be implemented to improve efficiency. Core to that efficiency is the elimination of duplicated and unnecessary tasks, better risk management and a reduction in the time taken to complete tasks. A properly managed process balances quality, speed and cost – a trio of considerations at the forefront of lawyers’ minds in the current business environment.

In a session led by Ben Ziman, Director of Continuous Improvement at LexisNexis, the Forum will work in small groups to apply the techniques of process mapping. The session will highlight how to uncover the root causes of problems and how fine tuning processes can ultimately deliver best value to the business.

Get involved

The LexisNexis L&D and KM Forum on Process Management & Mapping workshop will be held in London on April 26th 2016 at 2pm. If you are a senior in-house lawyer interested in getting involved with the Forum, please contact sophie.gould@lexisnexis.co.uk for more information.

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