L&D and KM Forum: The benefits of process management and mapping

18707865_xlStep back and be different

Analysing work processes isn’t a straightforward task, especially where practices are entrenched and people are set in their ways. Just because something has always been done one way doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient way. What benefits can taking a step back and choosing to do things differently bring to the legal team and the wider business?

It’s all about focus and demonstrating value

This month, the LexisNexis Learning & Development and Knowledge Management Forum are meeting to discuss process management and mapping. Digging deep into how a process is carried out reveals where improvements can be made to increase efficiency. By mapping out a work process you can clearly define what you do and identify who is responsible for what, how long each task takes and where effort is being duplicated.

Improving processes has immediate benefits. For example, unnecessary tasks are eliminated or reallocated so that lawyers can focus their time (and talents) on the most important issues and on providing advice. Effective process management also allows legal to align their objectives with those of the business and in doing so demonstrate their value. Simplified, standardised processes are more measurable and make it far easier to quantify legal’s contribution to the business.

In a session led by Ben Ziman, Director of Continuous Improvement at LexisNexis, the Forum will work in small groups to discover how process management and mapping can be applied in practice.

The session will cover the benefits of the technique and how to identify which activities in a process are valuable and which aren’t.

Get involved

The LexisNexis L&D and KM Forum on Process Management & Mapping workshop will be held in London on April 26th 2016 at 2pm. If you are a senior in-house lawyer interested in getting involved with the Forum, please contact sophie.gould@lexisnexis.co.uk for more information.

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