LBC Wise Counsel report on the well-being of in-house lawyers

Report on well- being in the in-house legal profession.In day to day life we are all swept along by the need to be more efficient, to cut costs and to do more with less. We have all assumed technology (especially email) has helped us to do our jobs better, when in reality it has just made us more available for longer and blurred boundaries between work and home. So in a world where we are always contactable and responsible for multiple deadlines and stresses, should we be concerned about our well-being?

The significant response on social media and debate caused by the “Crisis of well-being” article written by Paul Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer, LBC Wise Counsel  in March 2014, spurred the LBC Wise Counsel to conduct a survey and to meet with in-house lawyers to discuss their concerns. The survey, interviews and focus groups that followed show a shocking picture. If this is representative of the in-house sector as a whole we are sleep walking to a crisis where some people are being significantly damaged and many more are being undermined.

To find out more about the survey findings and the top ten recommendations for in-house lawyers to look after their well-being read the full report here.

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