Increase the strategic impact and influence of your team. The powerful effect of focused personal development.

In uncertain times, an organisation’s talent is its most valuable and reliable asset. What does it take to lead a team that truly unleashes its full potential? How can you recruit, deploy, and develop yourself and your team to deliver greater value to the business? During this interactive, hands-on session, we will explore topics including how to deliver operational excellence within your team, the importance of wellbeing and diversity, practical tips on how to structure a robust and effective personal development plan and the critical role mentoring plays at the heart of building a successful team.

In an article for The In House Lawyer magazine, Claire Chapman, general counsel of Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), said that ‘…mentoring – both structured and informal – has become a key tool in developing lawyers into upper middle and senior roles and to build vital links outside the legal team. ‘With mentoring, I’ve seen people move from being a good manager to actually leading and owning. It’s key.’

The LexisPSL In House team also understands the importance of supporting operational excellence and the need for resources to help leaders and team members foster this development culture. The LexisPSL In House Advisor service therefore provides a comprehensive suite of guidance to aid career development and personal development planning.

What is a World Café discussion?

Far removed from staid “chalk and talk” sessions, the World Café is a way of structuring meaningful conversations and gathering rich insight in a lively and informal setting. Backed by heavyweight research and used by some of  the biggest businesses in the world, it’s a proven methodology drawing on seven integrated design principles to deliver as a simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue.

The setting for each World Café is unique and modelled after a café with round tables covered with white tablecloths, coloured pens and even possibly a vase and flowers!

After a welcome and introduction from the host, the first of three twenty minute rounds of conversation begin, with a mentor at each table facilitating discussions. Conversation rounds are focused on a particular question which is debated, discussed and expanded on, developing as each round progresses bringing fresh thinking and insight, captured directly onto the tablecloths by the participants.

Throughout the World Café experience, a graphic artiste also rotates collecting insights from each table to reveal at the end an artistic impression of the key learning to be shared across the group.

The collective key learning will be circulated to all delegates in the form of a discussion summary.

Barry Matthews, Director of Legal and Third Party Sales at ITV plc, SRA Board Member and CEO at Social Mobility Business Partnership will be co-hosting alongside Sophie Gould, Head of LexisPSL In-house.

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