In-house Newscast - November

Time for another monthly in-house legal update brought to you by Radius Law and LexisNexis.

Once again, we have searched for the most compelling commercial news stories that every in-house legal professional cannot afford to miss. What’s more, all stories can be viewed in under 15 minutes.

Key stories covered include:

  • The recent announcement by the Employment Appeals Tribunal, on what constitutes normal remuneration for holiday pay purposes. The key issue being whether holiday pay should include overtime or if the employee should only be entitled to basic pay during their holidays
  • Wearable technology and the legal issues surrounding it, sparked by the recent collaboration between Intel and fashion designers to create a smart bracelet. Devices include smart watches and fitness trackers which collect substantial data about the user and often automatically upload to the cloud
  • Review of the recent case in relation to website blocking orders where the Richemont Group obtained a website blocking order against five internet service providers
  • and more...

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