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Employment news

When travelling internationally we may feel that the transportation does not meet the same safety standards that we have come to expect back in the UK. What may not be so obvious is the extent of the employer’s duty to conduct risk assessments for its travelling employees.

In a recent case, Dusek and StormHarbour Securities, where Mr Dusek was tragically killed in a helicopter crash in Peru, it was held that his employer was liable, as it had failed to undertake a reasonable risk assessment. For further reading, see: what is the scope of an employer's duty of care?

Commercial news

A recent High Court case of Sebry v Companies House, demonstrated how cataclysmic consequences can arise from a simple administrative error.  In this case, Companies House mistakenly registered Taylor and Sons Ltd as being in liquidation instead of Taylor and Son Ltd.  Before the mistake was realised the information had already been disseminated. As a result of the negative publicity, the company lost key contracts, supplier credit terms and cash advances from its bank, which quickly led to the company filing for its own administration. For further reading, see: beware a typo might cost you millions.

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