In-house news vlog: preview of key legal developments for 2015

This month is a special newscast edition, instead of looking at the most recent developments we will look ahead into what 2015 will bring...

Key developments happening in 2015...

  • VAT changes for electronically supplied services in the EU

Do you sell electronically supplied services in the EU For example; training, music and film downloads? If so, you will be subject to the new VAT rules that came into effect on January 1st.

  • Data protection regulation

The draft data protection regulation proposed by the European Commission back in January 2012 is expected to be adopted in February.

  • Corporation tax

This dropped to 21% in 2014 and will drop again to 20% this year.

  • Employment law

From April 2015 similar rights to the changes we saw for fathers and partners of pregnant women to take unpaid time off for ante-natal appointments, last October. This year it will be extended to adopters and their partners with effect from April 5th.

  • ADR directive

The UK has to transpose the requirements of the EU Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) directive into national law by July 9th.

  • The consumer rights bill

It is anticipated that this Bill will come into force in October although this is subject to the will of Parliament.

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