How to work more effectively across multiple jurisdictions

How to work more effectively across multiple jurisdictions


Managing an increasing workload across international jurisdictions? Read below to understand how technology can help you create efficiencies and get to trusted, reliable answers faster.

Macro influences, such as Brexit and globalisation of supply chains have galvanised companies exploring new markets and expanding their cross-border business activities.

As a consequence, in-house counsel and private-practice lawyers are becoming further tasked with high volumes of legal work which is cross-border or international in nature and managing the related risks.

"Markets are constantly shifting and our focus is shifting increasingly away from the traditional markets of Western Europe and the US to emerging markets, […] Asia-Pacific and South America in particular.  With those, […] shifts come political and legal changes and risks that we needed to work through." LexisNexis customer. 


The problem with working across borders


Increasing levels of legislation, regulation, and litigation globally, all create additional complexity which must be navigated.

This inevitably makes conducting business globally – and providing advice to a global business – a significant challenge for any lawyer. Depending on the remit or the individual, the main sticking points might include the following:

Cross-border assignments are complex in nature and considered by some to be fraught with risk. Legal frameworks differ wildly from territory to territory and it can be vastly time consuming to gather the necessary information to provide the right advice.

Finding reliable sources of information when working and making decisions on cross-border assignments and de-risking international work.


How Lexology®Getting The Deal Through from Lexis®PSL can help


As part of Lexis®PSL, which provides in-depth legal guidance, practice notes, checklists, timelines and smart precedents, LexisNexis offers the Lexology®Getting the Deal Through guides; the Market Intelligence guides and the Practice guides. These multi-jurisdictional resources, written by over 6,000 leading, specialist practitioners from each country, are increasingly valued by legal professionals for their breadth of coverage, their accessibility and their insight into the latest legal and regulatory issues.

Used in combination with Lexis®PSL’s own bespoke international practical content, key aspects the product can support you with, include:


  • Working more efficiently and effectively. Compare legal and regulatory differences across multiple jurisdictions, so that you are informed of issues and know the right questions to ask.

The LexisPSL International Comparator Tool enables speedy comparisons of the law and regulations between jurisdictions, and customers can create and download a succinct and clear comparative report of cross-jurisdictional practices, identifying key issues in seconds

  • Issue spotting. Giving you the tools and knowledge you need to interact with local counsel in a much more productive and targeted manner.

“It helps tremendously if you have a basic handle on the law in that jurisdiction… you can be more helpful to local counsel that way and save time” - Partner, corporate transactional

  • Consistency. Save you the time of finding reliable local counsel across several jurisdictions and  coordinating multiple responses from different counsel to achieve consistency


Emma Dickin, Head of Practice Area Group In-house Strategy, LexisNexis UK


“With the continuing growth in cross-border and international trade, businesses need to ensure they have a good grasp of the legal and regulatory landscape in the countries they’re considering doing business in.

New opportunities may also come with new risks, issues and challenges, and these need to be understood before taking the leap. This is often easier said than done.

Our Getting the Deal Through Guides will help corporate counsel  and private practitioners with this time-consuming and complex task, providing international expert analysis in key areas of law, practice and regulation across multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

We cover all the GTDT topic areas, including anti-corruption regulation, corporate reorganisations, data protection and privacy, distribution and agency, e-commerce, and shareholder activism and engagement to name but a few.”


As well as Get the Deal Through Guides, LexisPSL provides in-depth practical advice, guidance notes, checklists and community forums to answer all the other questions you may have.

Our content allows you to avoid needless repetition, stay ahead of regulatory changes, and delegate work to more junior staff members with confidence.


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