How to make your training stick from the start—embedding information and the SQE

How to make your training stick from the start—embedding information and the SQE

On 23rd June we hosted our monthly session for in-house counsel, in collaboration with Radius Law, Flex legal and Crafty Counsel discussing the power of an effective learning, development and training strategy including how to embed training successfully - from proven research methods to useful tech to consider - and the benefits of training up new solicitors through the SQE.

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“The only thing faster than the speed of thought is the speed of forgetfulness”

Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Maria Johnston from Radius Law introduced us to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, a graph which describes the decrease in ability of the brain to retain memory over time. The curve estimates that, without reinforcement, around 80% of knowledge learnt is lost within 30 days. As panellist Georgia Harbison, director at Cognito Learning, put itthis means that for every £1 put into training, 80p is forgotten if there is no follow-up.

As always, we asked participants for their insight on Slido, which showed us the importance of embedding learning as part of your legal team’s training strategy:

Tools like Cognito Learning, which provides bitesized chunks of learning daily, can help with this.

The recent case of Allay (UK) Ltd v Mr S Gehlen UKEAT/0031/20/AT reflects the importance of embedding and updating training even further. Here, the court held that Allay (UK) Ltd had had not taken all reasonable steps to prevent discrimination, thereby breaching the Equality Act 2010 (EqA 2010). The company had indeed provided training on the relevant issue, but the training, which had been provided in 2015, had become ‘stale’. Had the company provided refresher training, this would have constituted ‘reasonable steps’ for the purposes of the defence in EqA 2010, s 109(4).

Our listeners also provided us with useful tips to improve retention:

  • consider what the learning outcome should be at the beginning of the session
  • ask those attending the training to present a summary back to the trainers. This will embed knowledge, as well as increasing confidence and presentation skills

Read our handy blog on five top tips for junior lawyers on presentation skills.

We then zoomed in to discuss more in detail how training for new-starters and the opportunities provided by the new route to qualification for solicitors, the solicitors qualifying examination (SQE).

Training juniors in-house—opportunities provided by the SQE

Mary Bonsor, CEO and founder of Flex Legal, led us through the new process for qualification, highlighting the benefits for organisations and prospective lawyers.

Among other things, the SQE will provide the following benefits to organisations:

  • flexibility‘qualifying work experience’ can be gained in up to four organisations, from law firms and legal clinics to working in-house. This means that even if organisations cannot provide their prospective solicitors with the full range of skills required to qualify, they can help them gain experience elsewhere. Flex legal provides paralegals with an online journal to help them record their experience
  • cost-effectivenessthrough the SQE, companies can make use of the apprenticeship levy to help solicitors qualify
  • an opportunity to grow and retain talentcompanies which have not been able to offer training contracts due to SRA requirements can now seek to maintain talented paralegals, enabling them to become successful legal counsel

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The session saw insightful comments from listeners, which were picked up by the panellists throughout the discussion. Continue the conversation on our Slack channel. As always, we look forward to seeing you at next month’s session.


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