How to assess and measure the quality of your in-house legal team

The Chief Legal Officers’ Forum, facilitated by Sophie Gould, Head of the LexisPSL
In-house team at LexisNexis, met to discuss the value and effectiveness of measuring the quality of
in-house legal departments. Central to the discussion was identifying the pitfalls and sharing practical lessons that can be learned from adopting such metrics into the business.

The key topics discussed in this paper are as follows:

  • Why build and use metrics?
  • Cost-saving vs. time-wasting
  • How to gather data and metrics
  • Challenges and practical lessons
  • Aligning with the business
  • What would an ideal metric measure?

The Forum opened with the acknowledgment that many in-house legal teams are struggling to incorporate metrics into their work. The general consensus amongst the Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) in attendance was that little was being done by their legal teams to measure their performance or gather information that could be used to demonstrate their quality.

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