How technology helps in-house counsel drive efficiency, mitigate risk and demonstrate value

If you have been following the news in the last few years, you would be tempted to believe technology is quite close to replacing lawyers.

But how much of this deserves serious consideration and what is simply media hype and should be taken with a pinch of salt?

To try and answer this , LexisNexis is researching a whitepaper to investigate how the in-house community are using technology to increase efficiency, reduce risk and collect meaningful data.

The whitepaper will also aim to share insights on what to expect from your law firms in relation to use of technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We invite you to take part in the survey (which will take no more than 10 mins) here.

Enabling meaningful conversation

As the topic of technology continues to gain momentum, many questions remain unanswered while new questions simultaneously abound.

What efficiencies can technology really drive – if any?

Can technology really help mitigate legal risk? If yes, how?

In what way can it support in-house legal departments demonstrate their value – raising their influence and strategic impact in their organisation?

And many more…

What is clear, however, is the resounding call from in-house counsel on a need to be armed with the right knowledge to hold meaningful conversations with your law firms, your CFO and the rest of the business.

What’s more, there is increasing ask for a benchmarking tool to help assess where legal teams stand compared to other in-house departments.

Demystifying technology, gaining meaningful clarity on the real issues that deserve deeper consideration and bringing to life practical applications and strategies on how technology can best be employed by legal departments are, as such, key priorities for many in-house counsel.

With little sign of the relentless culture of 'do more for less' abating - tackling these issues in turn will help support the in-house community's continual drive to building an effective and efficient team, to confidently demonstrate the value of the legal department to the business and to increase the strategic influence of legal counsel in the organisation.


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