FT Innovative Lawyer Awards 2017: LexisNexis wins ‘Innovation in the rule of law and access to justice’

On October 4th LexisNexis was honoured to receive the award for ‘Innovation in the rule of law and access to justice’ at the FT Innovative Lawyer Awards 2017.

The ceremony was held at the Natural History Museum in association with research partner RSG Consulting. The awards are assessed primarily on submissions received, additionally include new research, surveys and other qualitative research methods to uncover legal innovation in the region.

At LexisNexis we strongly encourage the adoption of our Global Rule of Law Business Principles, an initiative endorsed by the UN that aims to galvanise businesses into encouraging best practice. In addition, the Rule of Law Impact Tracker, launched last September, helps businesses visualise the possible human and economic effects as the Rule of Law grows globally.


FT Innovative Lawyer Awards 2017


Blair Macdonald, our Head of Legal at LexisNexis UK said: “LexisNexis has, at the very core of its strategy, the central objective of advancing the Rule of Law. We are committed to playing a positive role in the community and becoming an authoritative voice in ‘higher order’ legal and risk management business issues that are not only topical but, more importantly, foundational to the advancement of the Rule of Law and the well-being of citizens and businesses throughout the world. We are honoured to have been recognised for our achievements in this area.”

The FT Innovative Lawyer Awards is a unique programme that assesses lawyers on their innovation for clients and in their own businesses. Now in its eleventh year of publication, the FT Innovative Lawyers Report has become one of the top legal rankings in Europe and the accompanying awards are widely regarded as the best researched in the market.

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