Flying Solo Member Spotlight – an interview with Katarina Mikolajova, Legal Manager, Slido UK Limited

Flying Solo Member Spotlight – an interview with Katarina Mikolajova, Legal Manager, Slido UK Limited

Sophie Gould, Head of Learning and Development at F-lex Legal spoke to Katarina Mikolajova, Legal Manager & Data Protection Officer at Slido and Current Advisory Board Member of the LexisNexis and Radius Law Flying Solo Forum, about  her role at Slido. As part of the agenda, they discussed the challenges and opportunities faced in her day-to-day, what she enjoys most about being a Board member of a peer-to-peer forum, uniquely designed for solo and those working in small in-house legal departments.

Hi Katarina, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m a legal advisor with an international background in various areas of law including in the private (both in-house and legal practice), public and third sectors.

I currently work as an in-house legal manager for Slido where I was the first and only lawyer before expanding the team. I’ve supported the company through its exciting growth – from small start-up into an award-winning global player in audience interaction and company meetings.

And when I’m not working... you'll probably find me in the mountains.

What are the biggest opportunities in your role?

There have been many great opportunities at Slido so far.

It’s been an incredible learning opportunity both professionally and personally. I’ve had exposure to a variety of laws, stakeholders and challenging situations every day where I have a lot of responsibility and relative flexibility.

 What are the key challenges you face in your role?

Given that I was the only lawyer there were many opportunities and challenges. More recently the key challenge is iinternal support and understanding of the function, as well as the broad scope of the role which really pushes me to manage my time better and better.  

What are the key areas of change in your industry?

Apart from a lot of regulatory changes we have to follow, we’re also constantly growing, improving and therefore changing ourselves.  

Tell us a bit about the Flying Solo forum and your involvement in it?

Flying Solo is a forum dedicated to solo in-house lawyers (like I once was). It offers the opportunity for lawyers working solo or in small teams to network and learn from one another. It’s a chance to connect, swap stories, debate topical issues and share ideas. I chose to be a part of the Advisory Board Members as I found the forum extremely beneficial.

What do you most enjoy about being a part of Flying Solo?

The community – sole in-house counsel and counsel in smaller teams don’t have the support of a larger team internally so the forum acts like an external team as well as a “therapy group” and the sharing of how we deal with things practically – anyone can research new regulation, but it’s the implementation hacks that can really make a difference.  

Why would you recommend others join Flying Solo?

I’ve gained so much from it, it’s given me the opportunity to learn from other lawyers working solo, meet loads of interesting people in similar situations and expand on my in-house knowledge. It’s been very beneficial to my career going from solo in-house lawyer to expanding the team.  I’d definitely recommend it!  

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