Covid-19 and flexi-working: The new age for lawyers?

Covid-19 and flexi-working: The new age for lawyers?


Who would have predicted that the biggest trend for the new 2020 decade would be ‘working from home’?

As the government ramps up measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, throughout the UK and across the globe working from home has fast become the new normal.

In an interview with Sophie Gould, head of learning and development at F-lex Legal, former head of In-House for LexisNexis and regular home worker, we asked what the realities and challenges are when working from home; and what the impact may be for lawyers—particularly client relationships, if no face to face contact can be had for a considerable amount of time.

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The move to working from home—Could this change the way we think about working? Q&A with Sophie Gould, F-Lex

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