Corporate governance: Top tips on how to create a ‘culture of good compliance’ in 2020

Corporate governance: Top tips on how to create a ‘culture of good compliance’ in 2020

We’re aware that keeping up to date with governance requirements can be a daunting task and implementing a governance programme that ‘covers everything’– probably feels like an impossible task.

Moreover, there is the ever-present challenge to affect a behavioural shift to create an ‘unstoppable culture of good compliance’ – an intrinsic grounding that becomes just ‘what we do around here’

We’ve teamed up with Radius Law and Sewells to bring you unique a workshop that provides a fresh, proven approach to effective corporate governance.

Topics covered: 

  • The relevant laws, the rules of Directorship and the personal responsibilities
  • What ‘good looks like’ and the consequences of getting it wrong
  • How to create a ‘can do’ and ‘want to do’ compliance culture
  • What makes people tick? and how to engage and motivate your team to willingly do the right thing (compliantly).

Workshop facilitators:

Iain Larkins, Founder, Radius Law 

Prior to establishing Radius Law in September 2013, Iain was the chief lawyer and compliance officer for the Mercedes-Benz UK Group. In his roles at Mercedes-Benz and at Radius, Iain has had experience of managing regulatory investigations and the implementation of effective compliance programs.



Dr William Holden, Chairman, Sewells 

An inspirational and entertaining speaker who has appeared as a motivational and business development expert on TV, radio and other media such as The Times and The Sunday Times. Will brings decades of experience in coaching managers to master positively changing the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours. 


Event details:

  • Date: Tuesday 4 February 2020
  • Time: 09:30am – 17:30pm
  • Location: Lexis Nexis, Lexis House, 30 Farringdon Street, EC4A 4HH
  • Cost: £299 + VAT

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