Exclusive Event: Leveraging Tools and Technology to Enhance and Develop Effectiveness

Exclusive Event: Leveraging Tools and Technology to Enhance and Develop Effectiveness

Exclusive Event: From mindset to tech – hear from Deutsche Bank, E.ON, Cornerstone and Aston University on how their legal teams are improving efficiency to increase their organisational impact.

Legal tech is developing at pace and the choice and availability of tools designed to help lawyers work more effectively is ever increasing. 

Why then do daily tasks like drafting and checking documents still dominate workflow?

An increased workload is an extensive contributing factor.  There is no doubt an exponential ask on legal teams today. Brexit, more regulation, increasingly complex supply chains, an acceleration of technology driving faster consumer demand, the growing influence of public opinion and the worldwide crisis faced with the current pandemic has seen legal departments have to keep pace to meet the ever-shifting and challenging demands of business. Your role as in-house lawyers expanding at speed as legal increasingly becomes a strategic asset rather than an assurance function.

Yet sometimes the very tools intended to increase efficiency can be the ones eroding your effectiveness. As the work from home revolution takes advantage of technology, there are some risks that even technology cannot curtail. Research shows the consequential challenge to utilising more tools to complete more tasks is in the constant flop between those very tools and tasks.  The immediate cost of context switching might feel small, however, the compounding impact on your focus is staggering. 

We are proud to be sponsors of the upcoming Alternative Hangout: Leveraging Tools and Technology to Enhance and Develop Effectiveness

Join us to hear from renowned behavioural psychologist Dominique Ashby, founder of neuro@work providing fresh insight into developing effectiveness including busting “myth of multi-tasking” and introducing the concept of “context switching” and its impact on workflow, productivity and efficiency.

Our panel of leading executive counsel will also share their personal top tips and learnings on both non-tech approaches and strategies for developing effectiveness and the tech and tools to boost they employ to drive effectiveness within their legal teams.

Tuesday 13th July 2021

1pm – 2pm 

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Topics of discussion will include: 

  1. Exploring the mindset around effectiveness and how to be productive 
  2. The truth behind the impact of multi-tasking and the impact of ‘context switching’
  3. Non-tech approaches and strategies for developing effectiveness 
  4. How to create a culture of collaboration and self-service to boost effectiveness

Our panelists will also share how they select the tech and tools to boost effectiveness within their legal teams and how they overcome any barriers to implementation. Hear from Avi Aggarwal, Head of Legal Domain Architecture at Deutsche Bank, Kirin Kalsi, General Counsel at E.ON, Victoria Mee, General Counsel at Aston University and Phil Warren, Head of Legal and Compliance at Cornerstone

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