Why clients should hire the lawyer and not the firm

Why clients should hire the lawyer and not the firm

In today’s market, there is a dizzying array of options for legal advice. Even though a steady flow of mergers has somewhat reduced the numbers of traditional firms available, there are plenty of alternatives to fill the void – from ABSs to alternative providers such as Axiom and LoD. It is no wonder, then, that that choice of who to instruct can be a tricky one.

It is perhaps a result of this plethora of options that lead many to sticking with the law firm that they have always used, or going with the firm that has a “name” that they recognise – regardless of the lawyer they instruct (who may, in truth, not even be the lawyer that ends up doing the bulk of their work!). Time and again, I hear people say: “Lawyer X must be good, they’re at Firm Y” and it is all I can do to bite my lip lest I open the floodgates of my ire at this wholly illogical line of reasoning.

Let me be clear: you

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