Is technology the key to attracting (and keeping) the best talent?

Is technology the key to attracting (and keeping) the best talent?

In an increasingly globalised world where large US firms are an increasingly attractive option for trainee or newly qualified lawyers, British firms have to compete with international recruiters in order to secure the cream of the crop. The high cost of recruiting and training a lawyer means that even if you manage to attract the top talent, ensuring your fee earners remain on board is extremely important; aside from potentially losing clients, the cost of replacing an associate-level solicitor is estimated to be £125,000. So how do you tackle the big bucks allure of the American outfits and keep a tight ship?

It’s not all about the money

Although the salary level and type of work will generally comprise the most significant factors when it comes to choosing an offer, many lawyers will consider a range of other elements such as working environment, flexibility and attitude of their future employer. The effective use of technology is integral to many of these “working style” related decisions.

Over the last twenty years or so, expectations of working life have changed for most professionals, not least those working in the legal sector. As I wrote about in a recent article -Why your firm should embrace flexible working - young lawyers are jumping at opportunities to achieve a better work

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