What to expect on a vacation scheme and how to prepare for it

What to expect on a vacation scheme and how to prepare for it

Drafted a vacation scheme application? Check. Sent in your vacation scheme application? Check. Got an offer from your dream firm? Check... Now what?

Vacation Schemes can be tricky to manage. The thought of stepping into the firm on day one can be both overwhelming yet exciting. Here is a guide on what you can expect when you embark on a vacation scheme.

Introductory Session

Almost every vacation scheme kicks off with an introduction to the firm (and the key individuals who will be overseeing you), schedule, assessment process and IT training. These bits of information are incredibly helpful for making your short stint a comfortable one. 

I found my vacation scheme introductory sessions really useful – especially the IT briefing! Different firms have different ways of saving/storing documents and drawing up templates. Your usual keyboard shortcuts (such as Ctrl-S) may not be appropriate on a vacation scheme.

Tip: Make sure you leave the IT sessions with a decent understanding of how the firm’s technology works. 

Practice Area Talks

Some firms hold practice area talks across the duration of your vacation scheme. These aim to shed some light on the illusive world of commercial law and what lawyers in each department get up to. 

I enjoyed getting to know more about the different practice areas. These gave me a more holistic view of how different teams work together to piece a deal together. Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to find out what your vacation scheme practice seats typically get involved with (more in the next tip).

Tip: Do some research on these practice areas

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