What does the law firm of the future look like? Part 4: Types of Service

Clients are being more articulate with what they want from their law firms in the current climate. Why? Because they don’t want to compromise and, more importantly, they don’t need to. The legal service buyers we spoke with want their lawyers to act more like business advisors. They want them to listen well, understand the company, deliver proactive service, and incorporate technology in order to enable the delivery of more effective, efficient advice.

A more holistic approach to service delivery in the coming years is anticipated. Clients don’t expect (or want) to receive everything from one person – indeed, some foresee the decline of the generalist as more in-house departments bring in new talent with such tasks in mind. But they do see the opportunity for firms themselves to provide the “entire package” to support their business in an insightful, integrated manner.

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