What do lawyers need to know about the CPD new regime?

What do lawyers need to know about the CPD new regime?

The biggest headline issue is that it takes away the requirement for 16 hours per year of compulsory CPD as of November 2016 when full implementation comes in. The change is about allowing people to be grown-up enough to do the learning and development that they need for their own role, whether that is two or 20 hours, and allowing firms to be more flexible in their approach to CPD.

Do you think this change is good for the profession?

Absolutely—it is a bold move. As a trainer I welcome the changes with open arms.

What struck me from the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA’s) Consultation: Training for tomorrow—A new approach to continuing competence, LNB News 05/02/2014 135 was the number of training providers who wanted to stick with 'option 3'—that is the rigid 16 hour CPD option. 'Option 1' was about moving towards what learning and development should be all about—namely, personal ownership and freedom to learn—and moving away from the mandatory approach of ‘complete 16 hours and tick the box’. (The SRA offered three options. 'Option 2' was to 'remain focused on the regulator checking that CPD has been done albeit with no mandatory hours').

The new regime represents a move towards a system that is much more progressive, albeit more scary for those who are not familiar with a different style of learning. It might be a shock for some firms but, in my

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