What are the security risks for law firms using Windows 10?

What are the security risks for law firms using Windows 10?

Windows 10 is reported to be the most secure operating system Microsoft has ever released. This is good news, as I rarely buy software hoping that it will be less secure than its predecessor. It’s clear that Microsoft has been working hard to come up with innovative security software to keep you and your computer systems safe. From Microsoft Edge to Windows Hello, Bill Gates & Co. have invented impressive new strategies to make Microsoft 10 safe and easy to use. This focus on security is especially important for law firms investing in new technologies such as the cloud, as data protection is crucial to legal work.
One of the more noticeable improvements has been the side-lining of Internet Explorer to a certain extent. Along with the new OS, Microsoft has pushed to enhance browser security with Microsoft Edge. The new browser was built with security at its core, with a range of features created to deliver better protection when online, including Microsoft’s SmartScreen technology, which enables Edge to do a reputation check on individual websites to make sure they are safe. On a more fundamental level, Edge also makes use of “sandboxing”, which is a security term for executing a program or software in a contained environment so it cannot affect any other programs that may be running on a device. The fact that Edge is constantly running in a partial sandbox also provides added security for the end user, because if Edge is compromised, the rest of the computer won’t be harmed.
Just like Microsoft Edge, Windows Hello has also been designed with security in mind. Hello uses biometrics, such as facial re

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