Top Ten must have Apps for Lawyers

Top Ten must have Apps for Lawyers

Time is money may be a cliché but there is a lot of truth to it. Clients want things done quickly and they want fees reduced. With smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi and the coming of 4G we all can work smarter and faster while we are on the move.

So we asked our top LexisPSL lawyers and tech savvy developers to nominate the ‘must have Apps’ for lawyers. The list shows a clear distinction between Apps that deliver content and productivity tools that enable a user to create, work with and store content.

So here is the list. We have ranked the Apps in alphabetical order. You might be using some of them already. You might think there should be others on the list. If you do, let us know.

We should say up front that we have included a couple of our own. We think that is fair as they designed to be essential to lawyers.


If you are fed up with emailing yourself a file then download Dropbox. You can put files, photos and anything else you care to think of in Dropbox. You can access them wherever you are and share with others.


Evernote is built on a simple idea: remember everything. With so many things happening throughout the day this is the ideal App to control and manage your information.


If you want to keep all your work documents and information on Dropbox and Evernote and would like to stay in touch with family and friends

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