Top 5 November reads on the future of law

Top 5 November reads on the future of law


The future of law blog aims to keep you informed on cutting edge industry topics, and with any luck, give you a different perspective on all things legal.

The below is a round-up of November's best content from the future of law blog. It includes insights from qualified lawyers, CEOs of top legal tech companies, as well as thought leadership content gathered from conversations with our in-house legal experts. 


1.  No one is above the law—the importance of advancing the rule of law


LexisNexis is devoted to advancing the rule of law and has been working hard to do so. Its efforts have been recognised by the United Nations and will see Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis Legal & Professional, receive a Global Leadership Award from the United Nations Foundation in recognition of the company's contributions to advancing the rule of law globally.

Click below to read an article around the principles of the rule of and, and its importance, as well as the press release for more information:

No one is above the law—the importance of advancing the rule of law

Press release: United Nations Foundation Honors LexisNexis CEO Mike Walsh with Global Leadership Award for Advancing Rule of Law




2.  Fact or fiction—Is your legal research legit?


For many of us researching informatio

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