Top 5 Future of Law reads of 2020

Top 5 Future of Law reads of 2020

Fall back in love with these 5 top reads from the Future of Law.

Brexit highlights: What’s next?

The UK may have officially left the EU as of 11pm on 31 January 2020 (exit day), but Brexit is far from over. So, what does this mean for the future? This article looks at what is still to come with Brexit, informing you on the latest news to keep you up to date and in the know.

What should businesses do about IR35?

IR35 keeping you awake at night? Following the introduction of these off-payroll working rules, many have been left wondering what to do. In this article, we address the complexities of what has happened so far, look at the public sector and employment status dispute, as well as seeing what the future may hold.

It’s time to talk—balancing wellbeing and the legal lifestyle

How much stress is too much stress? With the Bellwether report: Stress in the Legal Profession—Problematic or Inevitable?, finding 76% of solicitors feel stress/mental wellbeing is a major issue in the profession, we discuss the difficulties of balancing the legal lifestyle and wellbeing.

What does the future hold for legal innovation?

The word ‘innovation’ has got a lot of buzz within the legal profession, whether that me new innovative practices or innovative business models. However, much you read on innovation surrounds: artificial intelligence (AI), legal tech and new business practices. This article cuts through the hype and explains the true meaning of innovation, and what it really means for the future of the legal profession.

Getting down to online business—social media and SEO for law firms

As the business sphere changes, making the move to digital to keep up with the market is crucial. We have outlined the concept of social media and SEO making so it’s easier to adopt for your firm and rounded up our top tips.

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