Top 5 festive reads from the Future of Law

Top 5 festive reads from the Future of Law

Whether you’re feeling like a bit of a Scrooge over the SRA changes or hoping to find the latest legal tech tools in your stocking, we’re gifting you with the top five reads from the Future of Law this festive season.

Covering the latest trending topics such as business development, social media, legal tech, innovation, the rule of law and many more…

Top five Future of Law reads

Breaking down business development barriers for the legal profession

The legal market has never been more crowded or competitive, meaning every lawyer needs to take business development seriously or face losing the fragile market position they’ve worked so hard to create.

However, the business skills needed to get ahead aren’t usual taught as part of your training contract.

Douglas McPherson, director of Size 10½ Boots, a specialist business development agency that works solely with the professional services, breaks down the myths around business development for the legal profession and outlines some methods lawyers can take to integrate business development skills.

Is social media the secret weapon your firm has been missing?

We’re now in a day and age where social media is no longer just about finding the best goat meme, or keeping up to date with your friends. With the rise of platforms such as LinkedIn the barriers between personal and business use of social media have been blurred.

As these new platforms open alternative marketing channels, many businesses have jumped at the opportunity.

However, for the legal profession venturing into social media for business purposes may feel a little risky—particularly with thoughts of ethics and putting business reputation on the line.

However, we consider the benefits of using social media and how these channels may be the secret weapon your firm has been missing.

Legal tech masters—the most coveted skills in legal

The past five years have seen a dramatic increase in investment of legal tech tools and companies. With the possibilities of this technology only at its infancy, there has been a lot of hype around this immerging industry.

Though the industry is booming, a main challenge has occurred around recruitment. With employers struggling to recruit the right talent, we consider the skills needed for the industry to thrive and whether there are any alternative methods to attracting this talent.

Innovation for innovation’s sake, or will new technology make a real impact on litigation?

Innovation is a current legal buzzword, with new legal technologies and AI entering the market at an increased rate.

Richard McMeeken, recognised by The Legal 500 as an expert in intellectual property, commercial litigation and insolvency and corporate recovery, discusses whether these new technologies will change the legal profession, or whether we have been caught up by the innovation hype.

No one is above the law—the importance of advancing the rule of law

No one is above the law is the key concept of the rule of law, which underpins all other rights. LexisNexis is devoted to advancing the rule of law, which saw CEO Mike Walsh awarded the United Nations, Global Leadership Award, on behalf of LexisNexis contributions to the rule of law.

In this article we discuss the necessity and importance of the rule of law and why you should get involved.

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