Tips for surviving the LPC

Tips for surviving the LPC

In the final part, of our series to help you navigate your law school journey, former law student, Bruna Paulino, gives you five top tips to help you survive the LPC (Legal Practice Course).

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Surviving the LPC (Legal Practice Course)

You are a post-grad and you can almost smell your solicitor status. Despite being an old hand at studying by now, it’s nice to have a refresher on some tips to help you through your course.

1. Study all topics for exam

Exam prep is a common theme throughout all the surviving law school tips, however for the LPC this is particularly important. We all make the mistake of trying to guess the most likely topics for an exam, we look at past papers, discuss with class mates and probe lectures. But, from experience most topics will appear, if not all – so it’s advised you study for every eventuality.

2. Don’t mock the mocks

It’s true, practice always makes perfect! Get yourself ahead of the game by completing as many mock papers as possible. When the day finally comes you will have your technique down and it will help cure those pre-exam jitters.

3. Don’t forget life outside the LPC

The workload is high and we don’t deny it. But taking some time to relax, hang out with friends and a change of scenery is essential – you are still human after all.

4. Tabbing system is key

Get organised. With a growing pile of statute books filling the corner of your room you will want to be sure to mark the important parts. These books are crucial for your exams so make sure you tab each important page making them easy to find when you are in exam prep mode.

5. Don’t underestimate commercial awareness/business ideas

As highlighted in our article: “Law firms—think like a business first and a law firm second” having a business head in the legal profession is a vital necessity to stay competitive. Even though we are learning the law, business ideas will be welcomed in class. This is indispensable in practice to attract clients and maintain business relationships. To help you to grew your business acumen, take a look at our commercial awareness content, specially designed for students to help you to prepare for life in the legal profession. 

For more tips on surviving your law course, check out our surviving law school guide

*This article was originally published in September 2019.


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