Tips for surviving the GDL

Tips for surviving the GDL

In part two of our series to help you navigate your law school journey, law student, Chandi Pandya gives you five top tips to help you survive the year of the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law).


Surviving the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law)


The GDL at times can appear particularly daunting especially when people like to remind you that you that its "like three years in one" – not helpful. Although the GDL is intense, these tips will help you stay level headed and navigate the year with ease:


1. Prepare for your tutorials



The better you prepare for your tutorials the more you can take away from them. This does not mean hours and hours of preparation but enough for you to be able to answer some questions as well as ask questions as this is the time to clear up any confusing areas!

First work out what kind of learner you are, do you find yourself remembering more material when you listen to it, rather than reading? Do you think systematically and find flow charts useful? Though this may seem ‘obvious’ it’s the best way to know how you can stay on top of your studies. Following this consolidate what you have lea

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