Think about your journey

Think about your journey

Almost exactly 20 years ago, I was in my early teens and going through an experience familiar to many of you reading this…work experience (what else?!).

Having settled on a career in law at the tender age of 11 (if, indeed, my dreams of playing football for West Ham or being a rock star were to fail), I was incredibly lucky to have been offered a two week placement in a chambers in Middle Temple.

Although my time was largely filled with making tea and coffee and running various files and boxes to and from the courts (and, once, fetching pitta bread and taramasalata for some hungry clerks), it made an indelible impression on me.  I remember fondly buying my lunch and then catching the number 15 bus down Fleet Street to sit on the steps of St Paul’s and wonder whether this would be my life.

By “this” I meant working in the law – at least, that’s what I tell myself now, because if “this” had been eating lunch on the steps of St Paul’s every day, I have failed dramatically!

Sure enough, fate and the variances of kindly exam marking did eventually lead me to my career in the law and, one day recently, to have chance to correspond with the Chief Executive of the very same chambers on a minor work matter.  This just happens to be the lady who, in a previous role, had arranged my placement for me.

She was kind enough to invite me in to chambers and show me around their newly extended offices.  I could still point to where my desk had been and recall the original layout of the offices,

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