There's more than one way to be a lawyer

There's more than one way to be a lawyer

I love working in-house. You get to be a truly commercial lawyer working closely with the business and key decision makers. When you do your job well, you can turn even the most skeptical, who see lawyers as deal blockers, into raving fans who always get you involved at the start and value your contribution.

There are some drawbacks to a fixed position though, particularly after you have been in position for some time.  Working for one business and industry can mean that you see a repeat of the same deals in a regular cycle and depending on where you are in your career, the flat structure often in place can leave the ambitious with no obvious place to develop their career.

It is not news that the legal marketplace is rapidly changing and with the flexible resourcing model an increasingly popular one with buyers, there are more opportunities than ever before for those looking for a long term career in legal consultancy or as a professional interim lawyer.

I am often asked how the life of a professional interim lawyer compares to being a permanently employed.

Of course, there is no traditional job security. No benefits, no pension, no holiday, just good old cash. However, in some alternative models, you operate via a limited company and structure your earnings to be more efficient. Our consultants are also financially incentivised to bring in their own contacts and clients, so there are opportunities to increase your income even further. This mean

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About the author:
Linda Kabi is a highly experienced telecoms, IT and commercial lawyer and consultant with NewLaw firm Halebury. She has 30 years’ experience working primarily in the international telecoms industry, having previously acted as GC at Nowtel. Linda has also worked as a senior lawyer in high-profile tech companies including BT, Inmarsat, Hutchison 3G and Vodafone.

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