The work-life balance in a law firm

The work-life balance in a law firm

DPlanning, risk and strategy in businessana Denis-Smith, CEO and founder of Obelisk Support, examines the methods law firms can take to promote a healthy work-life balance.

How can law firms promote a healthy work-life balance?

The challenge for law firms is that they work on an hourly basis, which means that encouraging a shorter working day or encouraging people to work less sits in perfect contradiction with their revenue model. I would say it would be quite easy for them to encourage job sharing—that’s a way of being flexible without hurting revenue. Just that the revenue comes from two people. Law firms are good at giving employees benefits such as gyms so at a push you can add a little bit of ‘health’ without necessarily having the balance.

What challenges do law firms face when attempting to promote a healthy work-life balance? How do these challenges differ from other business sectors?

I am not sure the challenges are any different from other sectors. Law firms are businesses and as such their challenge is to balance business interests with the needs of the people. I do not believe that firms go out of their way to make their employees’ lives difficult or to refuse their balance, the decision-makers feel under pressure to bring revenue and compete and they pass on that pressure. In that kind of environment, there is little time for reflection, which c

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