The Value of In-House Legal Teams: A LexisNexis World Café Event

The Value of In-House Legal Teams: A LexisNexis World Café Event

The In-house team at LexisNexis are holding a World Café on Tuesday 20 November to discuss the dark art of measuring the value of in-house legal teams.

Measuring and communicating the value of in-house legal teams has become a critical business issue for general counsel as they continue to fight for budget and define the role of their department within cost constrained organisations in challenging economic times. We want to explore the best ways to approach measurement, the value it can bring and to see what teams are already doing, and in doing so answer the cry we hear from many GCs – “I don’t have time to explore this properly”.

For anyone who has never participated in a World Café, or heard of the expression, allow me to explain what it is all about.

The World Café concept is a process that promotes open dialogue, information sharing and accessing the collective intelligence of a group.

Its principles are deceptively simple – the group (and the idea has been used for groups of over 1,000 people!) comes together in a very informal setting, around café-style tables that seat four or five.
Each table has an individual host and is posed an open (and hopefully thought provoking) question on a topic that matters for the group. For example you might be asked: “What are the key objectives your legal team must achieve for its business?”

As well as a good supply of hot drinks and goodies to eat, the tables have paper table cloths and pens, with participants encouraged to capture their ideas visibly by drawing and writing. This might seem superficial, but putting ideas down on paper definitely helps thoughts develop, and the drawing is designed to help encourage creativity.

After 20 minutes of discussion, the cafe host signals it’s time for a change, and all the participants at a table except one (the table host) get up, split up from their current table mates, and move to another table to discuss a slightly different, but related question. The table host (who hasn’t moved) explains to the new table guests where the discussion has got to, and the conversation then continues with a new set of people, who add their own insights and of course drawings to the tablecloth. The ideas then cross-pollinate between questions and groups, leading to a truly rich dialogue that gets the best from the entire group.
In the plenary wrap-up session, people shared their experience and develop action plans.

We’re fully booked for the event on 20 November, however if you’d like to find out more click here. Or if you’d like to join the waiting list or are interested in attending a World Café event in the future please email

You can also follow the world cafe Twitter hashtag from 2.30pm on 20 November for live updates: #inhousevalue

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Mark Smith is a Market Development Director at LexisNexis. Mark worked as a solicitor for ten years, specialising in technology and outsourcing work.