The importance of tech in local government


LexisNexis Maya Hodroj recently sat down with Paul Cummins, Head of Legal and Deputy Monitoring Officer from Milton Keynes Council, to discuss challenges faced within local government and the role technology plays at Milton Keynes Council.

Increasing complexity of work and fewer resources is promoting the need to diversify skillsets beyond a niche, driving the need to focus on innovation and technology. Paul noted Milton Keynes like many other local authorities has implemented multiple tech solutions to help improve efficiency and accuracy which was highlighted in our latest In-House Report ‘Legal Technology – Looking Past the Hype’ which found “82% of organisations have introduced multiple technology types in the past few years”.

Paul stated, “there needs to be a dialogue between legal and those who understand the technology, working together to find the best solution before implementation as time and money spent on the wrong solution is counterproductive and adds no value to the organisation”. Paul stressed the importance of implementing technology with a strategic view and ensuring the right solutions are being implemented.

Click here to hear how Paul is using innovation and technology to manage change and risk.

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